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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

science project in the kitchen #1


things u need

plastic bottle
lemon juice
soda bicarbonate
(use thinner balloon for better result)

WATCH VIDEO for instructions

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

birthday party decoration

5th birthday celebration for Aisyah.. (setahun lebih tak update blog gituuuuu) macam biasa konsep DIY.. kali ni lebih handmade.. suka!!!!

birthday girl looking princessy in her gorgeous dress.. a gift from my sister.. they call each other BESTFRIEND! agak kopak lah wallet my sister menyepoilkan anak buah nya..

cantik kan paper bag ni? ideas from google.. print guna printer inkjet je.. 
simple.. easy.. cute!

i hv to admit, buat garland or some call banner ni sedikit kerja gila! tak sikit kot.. banyak sebenar nya.. each letters are printed n cut out individually! pastu tebuk lubang utk masukkan ribbon utk from a garland satu lg kerja gila! last2 i stack quite a lot, hempuk kuat2 penebuk tu ke lantai.. voila! tembus semua!!

and lagi gila.. i made 3 sets of these garland!!

but sangat2 super puas hati.. they look pretty..

cupcake toppers ni pon cute kan? yg ni very relaxing membuat nya.. punch2.. tampal2.. x stress nak tebuk2.. baked some cupcakes.. iced.. decorated by birthday girl herself.. cocok toppers.. siap!

*picture credit to my sister and brother in law

*picture credit to my sister and brother in law
meet our new baby AMEERAH!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Birthday Decoration

 the little princess turned 4 last Saturday 2nd June 2012


3 weeks of 'beli sana sikit, beli sini sikit' birthday stuff hunting

google-ed n watched videos on youtube for the decor ideas

DIY Birthday Decoration
(birthday girl liked them very much.. keep saying how pretty everything looked n thanked me many2 times for doing this for her..)